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CeeD (Centre for Engineering Education and Development) is a fusion of Scotland's leading engineering, manufacturing, science and technology companies and academia.

We use a cross sectoral approach to solve the common operational challenges we all face. As such we work together on ‘Clinic’ topics like Project Management, Health and Safety, Procurement, Quality, Environment, Leadership, Training, Lean Manufacturing, Process Excellence, Marketing, Performance Management and SME Growth.

The goals are straightforward. Enhanced efficiency, improved operational performance and increased competitiveness.

The benefits are clear. Improved business and staff capability through advanced peer-to-peer problem solving that allows all our member companies to see, hear and experience how it’s done elsewhere.

Beginning in 2014 CeeD will also launch Growth500, an ambitious programme of practical learning around accelerated SME business growth.

CeeD membership provides access to some of Scotland's brightest companies and business insight you'll find nowhere else. and 01698 203 420