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Editor's Comment - February issue

Welcome to the first edition of Bitesize Business for 2019. As ever this edition is packed with some great stories of growth and innovation within our local businesses and some great ideas on networking and events to attend.

North Ayrshire has such an amazing range of businesses and some excellent examples of resilience under challenging circumstances. Looking forward this resilience may be tested as we head towards an uncertain future for trade given the current lack of clarity re the Brexit Withdrawal agreement. A number of businesses are rightly concerned and it is the uncertainty that is causing projects to be put on hold, stalling investment and an increase in cash flow requirements for stock piling from the supply chain. The potential for a no deal is also illustrated in the article on Food and Drink with a potential £2bn challenge to the sector in Scotland.

That said there are still some actions that businesses should be taking and I would encourage you all to consider the Prepare for Brexit website:

The website gives some excellent information on areas such as changes to trade processes, HMRC advice, training grants and WTO Trade Tariffs. There are also some tools to test your own businesses preparedness for Brexit. I know we have a strong business base here in North Ayrshire and that the majority of you have been very proactive but with uncertainty please check the website, discuss with your adviser or give us a call on 01294 449944 to see what support may be available as we get more clarity on what our future trading conditions may look like.

Matt Strachan

Senior Manager - Business Development


Posted on Friday 1st March 2019